For foreign residents
 Wanting to work in a Japanese company

We introduce foreign residents to local Okinawan companies
with full follow-up!

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Supported Languages

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Simp. Chinese
  • Trad. Chinese
  • 4 languages in total

Opening Campaign2x Ad Time

The first
100 companies

Listing fees

[1 Frame]

30days 60days Frame Price 50,000Yen
90days 180days Frame Price 135,000Yen
180days 360days Frame Price 240,000Yen
360days 720days Frame Price 420,000Yen

Translation fees

Within 1.000 letters

English 10,000Yen
Chinese 10,000Yen
Korean 15,000Yen
*Please contact us if the text exceeds 1.000 letters

Laws and regulations

It is important that you understand the employment-related laws and regulations for foreigners before advertising!