About Job Recruitment Service
What is the Job Recruitment Service?
The Job Recruitment Service is a system where we can introduce recruiting companies based on your career, as well as tie connections between both parts. This service will be active through interviews and to the creation of an employment contract.

-Registration is free of charge.
-Even if the matching has been established, service is free of charge.

However, for the Job Recruitment Service, essentially:
"Matching companies according to your career choice"
We only work under that rule, so please understand that luck is a big factor.

-This service has not the intention of promising jobs to subscribers.
-We are not able to answer questions such as “Where is a good company for me?”
-This service is not an employment agency.
-We stand neutral between all parts, job seekers, employers and third parties.

In other words, I is a good idea to think that there is a possibility to find a job using this service, but luck plays a big role.

As are the benefits of registration to this service, since employers are encouraged to use the service for finding human resources, as long as you have been matched to the right conditions.

-Mismatching is much less probable.
-Advice can be received from us.
-There is a possibility of negotiation of a certain degree of the conditions.

However, since the probability of satisfied matching is quite low,basically, you are encouraged to Search yourself using this service.