User Guide / FAQ
About the time on this site

Time shown on this site is standard Japanese time,
Greenwich standard time + 9 hours (GMT + 9)

I changed information on the management page, but the change does not appear.

Each job advertisement on this site have to go through an advertisement review. If the document has been changed, please change from "advertiseing review request" to "currently reviewing advertisement". The advertisement will be updated as soon as it has passed the review.

"Reason for your advertisement not being published"
For the protection of user information and legal matters, we will have to check whether the registered information is correct.

About Advertisement reviewing

All advertising has to be reviewed by us and not all advertisements will pass the review. If that is the case, please contact us for more information.

Prohibited acts:

The following acts are strictly prohibited. Breaking any of them can result in termination of the account or even police involvement.
 ・Requesting money from applicants.
 ・Recuiring applicants to become members in order to continue the process.
 ・Selling services or goods to the applicant.
 ・Using the applicant for anything other than what is intended on this site.
 ・Acts that can be considered going against morality, ethics and common sense.

About processing time

We will do our best to be able to respond within two business days.

Business hours

We are closed during weekends and public holidays, the New Year's holiday and Obon. Business hours are Monday to Friday 09: 00-18: 00
However, with regard to Chinese and Vietnamese staff, they are off for about a week during the Lunar New Year.

About fees

This service does not cost you only for registering company information and recruitment information, But if you request us a translation, it will be cost you.
Translation fee will be charged for each translation language, Please feel free to ask us an estimate.

Transfer account information

【Account information】
-Company name: Remar Pro Ltd.
-Transaction fees are paid by the client.

 ・Rakuten Bank Rock Branch (normal) 7032756
 ・Japan Post Bank Code 17020 Numbers 17711201
 ・Bank of Okinawa Wakamatsu Branch (normal) 1630868
 ・Bank of the Ryukyus Tomari Branch  (normal) 389575

Also, to make the payment process smoother, please inform as soon as payment has been made.