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Town Net “Job Search” Terms and Conditions

Thank you for using “Town Net Job Search” (hereinafter referred to as“this site”)
This site is only for those who accepted the Terms and Conditions forjob seekers, employers and other users below.
By accepting the Terms and Conditions, all members (including jobseekers, employers and other users) must follow the rules listedbelow.
Furthermore, this site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 10 or later.We cannot ensure that everything will be shown properly if otherbrowser is being used.

1. Application of the Terms and Conditions
■The Terms and Conditions for job seekers, employers and other users (referred to below as “the rules”) provided by Remar Pro Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “this company”) will be applied to the various internet services provided by this company.
■Apart from these Terms, the Terms provided by this company applying to job seekers, employers and other users are determined separately (hereinafter referred to as "regulations")
■If the rules and the content of the preceding regulations of this Agreement are different, it is assumed that the content of said regulations will be applied with priority.
■Those who use this service (hereinafter referred to as "user") shall constitute paragraph 3 emanating against predetermined notification.

2. Change of Terms
■This company may change the Terms and Conditions at any time without notifying the user. In this case, only the Terms and Conditions after the change are valid.
■Unless this company has separately specified, the Terms and Conditions shall take effect immediately after change.

3. Notices from this company
■Notices and updates will be sent to users by E-mail or as a notice on the main site, if deemed appropriate by this company.
■If changes have been posted as a notice on the main site or sent to users by E-mail, the notification shall take effect as soon as posted or sent.

4. When using our service
■The user agrees to that the interpretation of the information on this site and taken from this site is the responsibility of the user.
■By accepting these Terms and Conditions the user agrees to that the service is used on their own expense and on their own responsibility.
■The user agrees to not disrupt the use of this service and to maintain this responsibility.
■This company takes no responsibility for guaranteeing any results regarding using information from advertisers and search results from this site.
■On this site, this company may perform "behavioral targeting services" using third-party technology for effective ad delivery. A user's personal information will never be used to advertise to other users, only the same user. However, personal information may be used for matchmaking between job seekers and employers.
■For students: Please check the school rules regarding work before registering to this site. The company follows the labor law as its top priority.

5. Intellectual property rights
■The user agrees to that information provided by this company (including video, audio, text, photographs, software etc.) is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectually acknowledged property rights or laws.

6. E-mail and uploaded web contents
■This company, as well as users, will be handling E-mails, messages and uploaded web content. Sending E-mails, messages, uploading web content, correspondence with E-mail provider and other requirements of similar nature is a responsibility of the user. This company does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage as a result of correspondence.

7. Relations with advertisers
■Payment and delivery of related products and services, promotional actions of advertisers or vendors, as well as other conditions of similar nature is the responsibility of the user. This company is not responsible for the advertisers’ correspondence with the user. This company is also not responsible for any loss or damage arising from correspondence between the user and advertisers.

8. Prohibited matters
■Users utilizing this service are prohibited for perform following acts:
-Posting and/or sending false information.
- Infringement of intellectual property rights, trademarks etc.
- Discrimination or slander against other users, third parties and/or this company.
- Infringement of portrait rights or publicity rights against other users, third parties and/or this company.
- Sending spam or unrelated advertisements to other users, third parties and/or this company without proper consent.
- Committing crimes, such as fraud.
- Including this site in pyramid schemes (Ponzi scheme).
- Uploading and/or sending obscene content or images of child abuse or pornographic nature, as well as texts of said content.
- Uploading and/or sending election campaign information or material similar to this, or any material that is in violation of the Public Offices Election Law.
-Using harmful software such as viruses or malware.
-Pretending to be another user or a third party.
-Attempting to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems or networks connected to this service.
-Violate standard laws or regulations to disrupt public order and morals (prostitution, violence etc.) to other users, third parties and/or this company.
-Requesting, buying or selling services or goods from/to other job seekers using this service.
-Acts this company deems similar to above.
-Other acts deemed inappropriate by this company.

9. Interruption of service
If the user falls under any of the following, this company may cancel the service without giving prior notice to the user.
-Maintenance or construction of this service, if unavoidable.
-Failure occurs in the equipment of this service, if unavoidable.
-If it becomes impossible to establish contact with the user through telecommunications operators.
-If interruption is deemed appropriate by this company for technical or operational reasons.

10. Termination of service
-This company is able to terminate the service or a part of the service after notifying the user within a reasonable amount of time before termination.
-The notice set forth in the preceding paragraph will be sent out by using E-mail.
-In accordance with point 1, this company does not take any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by termination of service.

11. Protection of confidential and personal information
-This company acts according to Article 4 of the Telecommunications Business Law, and is protecting the users in accordance with said law.
-This company will only use personal information for the cases listed below. Personal information will not be disclosed or leaked to third parties.
-Personal information may be used for improvement of thisservice.
-Personal information may be used as analytical data.
-Personal information may be used for confirming salestransfers if this company is legally obliged to.
-Personal information may be disclosed if consent is given bythe user.
-Personal information may be disclosed if legally obliged to incourt.
-Personal information may be given to police or prosecutors ifobliged to do so.
-Personal information may be used to protect this company'sinterests, if deemed appropriate to do so.
■This company may disclose personal information in accordance with the Law on Restrictions on the Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers in Japan.

12. Protection of personal information
■Protection of personal information complies with the privacy policy posted separately on this site.

13. Disclaimer
-This company does not have any responsibility for claims, damages or loss while using this service.
-This company is, according to Paragraph 2, 9 and 10, not responsible for damages or loss.
-This company does not take any responsibility for damages or loss caused by users towards third parties.
-This company does not guarantee the site's integrity, accuracy, reliability and usability.
-This company does not guarantee the operability of equipment or softer utilized by the user.
-Eventual costs for communication charged by phone companies are the responsibility of the user. This company does not take any responsibility in this matter and it is assumed that it is managed by the user.

14. Claims for damages
■This company may carry out a case if the user is performing an unauthorized or illegal act, or an act going against this agreement. The user will pay attorneys' fees and for damages to this company.

15. Lex Causae
■This company operating under the laws of Japan.

16. Court of competent jurisdiction
■In case of disputes relating to this agreement, the user is expected to appear at Naha summary court or Okinawa district court in Japan.

17. Basic translation of Terms and Conditions
■This is a simplified translation of the original Terms and Conditions in Japanese, which can be found here.

18. Appendix
2016/03/16/ revised
2016/03/01/ revised
2016/02/02/ Enacted and enforced

Remar Pro. ltd., expressly disclaims all responsibility and liabilityfor uses by you of any Content obtained on or in connection with the Site.
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