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"Town net job search" is a multi-language job information site specializing in foreign Job Seekers.

All jobs listed on "Town Net Job Search" are directed towards foreign citizens, to avoid confusion.

Most job information magazines focus mainly on Japanese job seekers, or in rare occasions one foreign language. “Town Net Job Search” offers jobs in 4 different languages; Japanese, English and Mandarin (simplified, traditional). This makes it a lot easier for both recruiting companies and foreign Job Seekers getting in touch with each other.

We also provide information regarding laws and regulations for foreign Job Seekers to make it easier to understand the procedures of hiring a foreign national in Japan.

After several years of consideration, only realizing more and more how inconvenient job finding for foreigners in Japan really is, we have now launched “Town Net Job Search”.

This is only the beginning and we will work hard to improve the service for both Job Seekers and recruiting companies.

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We need you to understand the Employment-related laws and regulations for foreigners.
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