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"Town Net Job Search" is a multi-language job information site specializing in foreign Job Seekers.

All jobs listed on "Town Net Job Search" are directed towards foreign citizens.
"Town Net Job Search" Features
Although you can use this site to search for jobs without registering, by registering you have access to the following functions:

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More services will be added.

What is "Job Recruitment Service"?
Our "Job Recruitment Service" is for Job Seekers registering with our "Town Net Job Search" service. The service will match companies and Job Seekers based on skills and requirements. If the information given by the Job Seeker is consistent, more job opportunities might be introduced.

In other words, we should not be considered a work agency.
We only make proposals according to companies' demands.

We refer Job Seekers directly to employers, so there is no tie between us and the Job Seeker.
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